LaLiga “Till 2021 Fans Are Unlikely To Return To Stadium” Amid Covid-19

Laliga till 2021 fans are unlikely to return to stadium… LaLiga reveals till 2021 fans are unlikely to return to stadium amid coronavirus pandemic..

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According to LaLiga reports today, the fans are unlikely to return to the footBall stadium till the coming year 2021 following the continuous spread of the virus Covid-19.

The head of Spanish media company _ mediapro which Broadcasts LaLiga News, Jaume Roures said that Until next year 2021 the fans are unlikely to come back to the stadium amid the Threat of coronavirus.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic colossal transfer fees for players will end Jaume predicted, _ atleast it will be year before there will be vaccine and we are not going to put anybody in danger before then. There is no way to have social distancing regulation when you have over Twenty thousand (20,000) Fans in a stadium. Roures told spanish radio station Onda cero.

Javier Tebas, chief of LaLiga said that most clubs will lose some three hundred million euros (€300Million) from playing the remaining matches of this season _without spectators.

Roures believes if the clubs loses such (300Million) they will put an end to the Exorbitant Transfer fees of recent year.

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I am saying this because we won’t be starting 2021 with fans in stadium unless the Scientists of the World can Surprise us and come up with an accessible vaccine before then, something which scientists said it is impossible. Even if we allow this season to be completed, the clubs are going to still lose lots of money, and there will not earn any money from tickets because if we can not have fans at stadiums they will continue losing money, Jaume Roures said.

And that means the players wont earn as much and we are going to see the end of these crazy transfer fees, they have already ended _ and I think it is a positive thing as we won’t have directors throwing money around any more. He added.

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