Woman Buries 3-Month-old Child Alive.. Why

Woman Buries 3-month-old child Alive
  • Woman Buries 3-month-old child alive in an uncompleted building.
  • Single mother buries her 3-months old child alive her reasons why shock you.
  • Why single mother buried her 3months old baby alive in an uncompleted building.

A Nigerian single mother buried her 3 month old baby alive while the child was asleep in an uncompleted building.

According to reports the woman was caught red handed while committing the unbelievable atrocity, burying her own blood and flesh alive while her child was asleep in a yet to be complete building close to her home.

Many are fasting and praying for the fruit of womb for over 14days dry fast and others are already distroying and damaging theirs.

What are some women thinking? If you can’t take care of a child while got pregnant in the first place, we have over thousands of motherless and fatherless homes in Nigeria.

Why can’t they take they child there? Some people are just so unbelievable and wicked, a life you can’t give is the life you take burying your own child.

Money they say is the root of all evil, but keep in mind that same money can’t buy you life.

Informationnaija learned that the woman Buries 3-month-old child because a wealthy man promised to marry her, in order not for the man to reject her, if he find out she had a child.

According to the eyewitness, when the lady was caught in the act and when asked she has this to say;

I decided to get rid of my child because I met a wealthy man and he promised to marry me and in fear of he will reject me if he find out I had a child pushed me to this act of burying my 3-month-old child alive while he was asleep.

She said.

Woman Buries 3-month-old child Alive See Photos

Woman Buries 3-month-old child Alive

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