Herdsmen attack Zamfara communities, kill 15, injure many others.

Herdsmen Attacks Village In Benue 4 Killed 3 Injured
Herdsmen open fire at Tse-Haaga village, Mbabai in Guma local government area of Benue state on Tuesday, 12th-May-2020 around 5pm, four were reportedly killed and three sustained bullet wounds from the attack

Unknown Herdsmen attacks five (5) communities in Tsefe local government area of Zamfara state, 15 were reportedly dead while many others were injured from the attack.

The unleashed attacked on the five communities in Zamfara state include Bidda, Kajera, Karda, Magazawa, and Ungwar Rogo and report had it that 15 people were killed and many others are injured from the attack.

The spokesperson for three out of the five communities that were attacked, Mr. Muhammadu Alkhamis, while speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said.

The unnumbered Herdsmen came with 3 members each on over 60 motorbikes to the communities and people started running helter-skelter.

The Public Police Relation Officer, Sp Shehu Mohammed has confirmed the incident and as reported, 15 people killed and many others were injured.

The Police Public Relation Officer, Mr. Shehu Mohammed while speaking with the News men, he said;

It was a reprisal from the fulani whose many people were killed by the Yansakai at Ungwar Rogo community.

He also added that;

The Ungwar Rogo community residents had earlier intercepted some Fulani Herdsmen migrating from Daza village in the Bungudu LGA of Zamfara state this happened three days ago, five of the Fulani people escaped and two were killed by the Yansakai.

Mr. Shehu further added that, the Yansakai people refused to surrender the two dead bodies to their people for burial, despite the appeals from the DPO in charge of the area.

The Fulani people attacked the communities to retrieve the two dead bodies of their brothers and also avenge their death, Mr Shehu added.

The armed police forces are already dispatched to the attacked communities to comb the axis and Apprehend the Fulani, and the police were making every efforts to restore normalcy to the attacked communities in Zamfara state.

Mr. Shehu concluded

In previous News, Informationnaija reported that, Herdsmen opened fire at Tse-Haaga village in Benue state killed 4 and 3 injured.


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