Burna Boy intertwined In Cheating Scandal As 2yrs Girlfriend Speaks Out
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Nigerian singer, Burna Boy intertwined in a cheating scandal as a UK based lady claimed to be Burna Boy’s girlfriend for 2 years came out to speak up about her relationship with the singer.

According to the UK based business lady identified as Jo Pearl, she has be in a romantic relationship with the African Giant songster for about 2 years now.

This comes as a shock to most of his fans as the Nigerian music star is proven to be dating British-Jamaican lead singer Stefflon Don after they make their relationship known publicly.

The 23-year-old UK based business woman, Jo Pearl took to her official social media page to spill the beans about her lingering time furtive contact with the Nigerian singer, how they met after exchanging contacts through Instagram Direct Message chats.

Jo Pearl said As to why she is language out now, Jo prize said: “Two living is such a sustained time for a ego to be hidden. T has pretentious me in accordingly countless ways, and I argot call it any added to keep fill with that wouldn’t look after me”.

Revealing her reason for speaking out now after two whole year of secretly dating Burna Boy, Jo Pearl said she is tired of hiding and keeping secret about her affairs with Burna Boy for over two years, because two years is a very long time for someone to be hidden. And it has in many ways affected her so much that she can’t hold it any longer to keep protecting people that can’t and wouldn’t protect her.

Two years is a very long time for someone to be hidden. In so many ways it has affected me to the extend that I can no longer hold it any more to keep protecting people that can’t even protect me.

Jo Pearl said.

She further revealed she deeply fell in love with Burna Boy because he made her believe in love and feel like love at first sight even though she never have it in mind to date any musician. The UK based business woman added that she even moved in with the singer at his house in the UK because she believes in him and his words actually worth the action he shown her.

He made me feel like what I felt like the first time I met him, he made me feels and believed in love at first sight, he just gravitated towards me, he was so very sweet that his words actually worth his actions and not just that only he always tell me he loves me so much and few other personal things, he actually showed me the love he had for me, Burna Boy is someone I really wanted and he wanted me around, he someone I basically moved into his house with.

Jo Pearl said.

According to Jo pearl her relationship with Burna Boy went on lovely before the singer traveled back to his hometown Nigeria in November, Burna Boy While in Nigeria do called her almost every single day not until mid-December when she barely hear from the singer for over two to three weeks.

Pearl added that the Nigerian music star, Burna Boy after few weeks of no calls or texts called to let her know he was down and hospitalized and as always reassure her of his love and affections.

Burna would call to tell me ‘he don’t know what we have between us that has keep us going on, and he even said he is going to make his wife, that he is going to marry me and We will have twins together; you are my sweet Salon Jollof’ he always called me”.

Speaking further Pearl reveals that things got weird between them both as she couldn’t hear from the singer from that December. Adding that she wanted to travel to Nigeria just to be with Burna but his people didn’t want her to come because she makes him don’t want to do anything’ Realtionship with Stefflon Don.

After an argument between them That December, their relationship got shaky, and at the end of the following month, she heard about Burna Boy affairs with Stefflon Don.

Ever since the singer met Stefflon Don in Ghana during a show, they both started dating and they went public in January 2019.

Pearl further revealed that she was devastated the meant to get to know that Burna Boy and Stefflon were dating, she literally collapsed and she cried for weeks. Added what hurt her the most is the fact that the singer always emphasized how he love black women.

I literally collapsed and I cried for days, probably even weeks, I feel like the thing that hurt me the most is that from the first day I met Burna Boy, he has always talked about how much love he have for black ladies, African women. He made me feel so good to the point; I cut my hair just recently.

Pearl said.

Pearl revealed she don’t wear makeup at time she is going to see Burna Boy and he loves her short hair and made her feels very confident of herself.

Each time am going to see Burna Boy I barely use make up, he always tell me how beautiful I am and he loves my short cut, he really help in making me self-confidence in ways I really don’t think it possible that’s what I really love about him.

According to the UK based, Pearl said the Nigerian music star told her that, he heard Pearl had moved on with another man after their argument back in December which was the reason why he started Stefflon Don and made they relationship public.

Pearl said hearing about Stefflon and Burna Boy hurt her so much that she didn’t speak with the singer from March to April even when he was trying to reach her, in May she finally let go of the past and later get to speak with him as he kept on trying to reach her to explain that he still loved her. We continue dating after he explained what happened to her.

According to Pearl, she thought Burna and Stefflon relationship was a publicity stunt because of all what Burna Boy has told her about his love for black woman.

At that point, I thought the relationship between Burna and Stefflon was just a publicity stunt. I thought, there is no way Burna is going to date someone like that, because of all the things he has told me about himself. Knowing how Burna is so in love with his African heritage and love for black ladies.

She said.

Since they got back after the argument in December, Pearl said they never talked about the relationship he had with Stefflon and since then they never stopped seeing each other for over two years.

It’s just been like the elephant in the room that we choose not to discuss and we just go about things like it doesn’t exist For the past two years we have never stopped seeing each other.

I was just in love, and I’ve been in love for 2 years, and I’ve been seeing him for 2 years, I’ve just always been in the background.

She added.

She also said that for the past two years after they reconciled, Burna Boy never mentioned Stefflon Don or talked about her anytime they are together, it just like Stefflon never existed in their own world.

For the past 2 years, Burna has never mentioned or talked about the girl I see him with on social media anytime we are together. the girl never gets noticed, because it’s like the girl doesn’t exist in our world.

She said.

Expressing her dissatisfaction about being in secret relationships with Burna, Jo Pearl took to her social media page to speak up and pour out her feelings, she said she is tired of protecting the singer, that she got feelings too seeing him secretly for over two years hurt her alot and adding to her mental state.

I am so tired of protecting you Burna, I’m a human and I have feelings too, secretly seeing you for the past 2 years has been tending to cause more harm to my mental state. It is my choice, but you guys won’t understand what it is to walk in my shoes.

She said.

In the video she posted Pearl said she never did the video to hurt the singer knowing that it going to hurt him anyway, she said she did it because she is tired of hiding and she can’t do it anymore.

I did not do this video in order to hurt you. But I know it will hurt you anyway, because as far as you are concerned and you know you and i are still in good terms but I can’t do this anymore.

Pearl Said.

She also said she did not do the video and post for clout or money because she is financially stable that she did what she did because she about to burst and she is mentally feeling like she is in a bad place.

I am not doing this for clout, neither am doing it for money, because I am financially stable, working and having someone provide for me, I’ve been very private for two years, so I’m simply doing this because I’m about to burst and mentally I feel like I am in a bad place.”

She said.

Informationnaija.com gathered that as at the time of this writing this post the Nigerian singer, Burna Boy and the British-Jamaican rapper, Stefflon Don have not react to Pearl’s claims.

We are yet to know if Burna and Stefflon have reconciled since they unfollowed each other on social media for an undisclosed reason.

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