Nigeria Confirms 87-New Coronavirus Cases

Nigeria Confirms 87-New Covid-19 Cases, Total 1182
Nigeria Confirms 87-New Covid-19 Cases, Total 1182

Nigeria Confirms 87 New COVID-19 cases on Saturday, 25th-April-2020. Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reports 87 New confirmed cases of Covid-19 recorded in Nigeria. Total confirmed cases rised to 1182..

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Nigeria Covid-19 cases has been increased by 87 as the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reported another new confirmed cases of 87 coronavirus pandemic on Saturday, 25th-April-2020.

The 87 New cases was a total number of confirmed cases in nine (9)States in the country which has now increased the total number of confirmed cases in Nigeria to 1182..

According the report and the breakdown by states, Lagos which has been the highest has 33 confirmed cases as recorded on Saturday, and in Borno 18 new confirmed cases were recorded, Osun reported 12 cases, Katsina has 9 confirmed cases, 4 confirmed in Kano, Ekiti confirmed 4 new cases, Edo reported 3, and Bauchi reported 3 new Covid-19 cases. Imo reported just 1 case.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has announced 87 new cases of COVID-19 from 8 States. Lagos reported 33, 18 new cases were reported in Borno, Osun reported 12, Katsina reported 9, Kano reported 4, Ekiti reported 4, Edo State and Bauchi State reported 3 cases each while Imo State had just 1 reported COVID-19 case.

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As at 11:55pm 25th April, the breakdown of COVID-19 by state:

  • Lagos-689
  • FCT-138
  • Kano-77
  • Ogun-35
  • Osun-32
  • Gombe-30
  • Katsina-30
  • Borno-30
  • Edo-22
  • Oyo-18
  • Kwara-11
  • Akwa Ibom-11
  • Bauchi-11
  • Kaduna-10
  • Ekiti-8
  • Ondo-4
  • Delta-6
  • Rivers-3
  • Jigawa-2
  • Enugu-2
  • Niger-2
  • Abia-2
  • Zamfara-2
  • Sokoto-2
  • Benue-1
  • Anambra-1
  • Adamawa-1
  • Plateau-1
  • Imo-1

As Nigeria Confirms 87 New COVID-19 Cases Total number of confirmed cases;

  • 1182 confirmed cases
  • 222 Discharged
  • 35 Deaths recorded

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The cases of Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria and the world at large is growing rapidly and stronger since the outbreak of coronavirus in China, No vaccine has been made to cure the notorious disease, there are many reports on Covid-19 vaccine discovered but has not been confirmed by scientists researching and NCDC. To Fight this disease we all have to follow medical precautions and mostly stay home if you can and don’t forget to wash your hands at all times.

Well we have all right to think the Government are keeping us home to starve us but the same government are working tirelessly to control the spread of Coronavirus pandemic in the nation, why don’t we do our part by adhering to all preventive measures and directives imposed by the Federal Government maintain high level of personal hygiene and avoid hand shakes, social distancing and keep praying.

NCDC as well advised citizens to stop drinking bleach and other disinfectants thinking consuming any of them will treat coronavirus should stop immediately as consuming any of this Bleach and disinfectants will cause health damage or even death.

“It is also very important to note that Bleach and Other disinfectants should be used to clean surfaces_this shouldn’t be consumed by humans to treat the coronavirus. drinking bleach and other disinfectants can lead to health complications and even death to anyone who consumed it”.

Nigeria Confirms 87-New Covid-19 Cases

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)


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