Covid-19: Nigeria Confirms 339 New Cases Today

Covid-19: Nigeria Confirms 339

Following the recent updates of COVID-19, Nigeria has recorded 339 new cases, which brings the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 7016, with 1907 discharged and fully recovered, and 211 reportedly dead.

As at Thursday, 21st-May-2020, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has discovered new 339 COVID-19 infections in the country, NCDC reported this via their official website and other social media.

The 339 new infections was discovered in different states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory F.C.T.

Nigeria Confirms 339 New Cases Of COVID-19, See the break down below;

  1. 139-Lagos
  2. 28-Kano
  3. 28-Oyo
  4. 25-Edo
  5. 22-Katsina
  6. 18-Kaduna
  7. 14-Jigawa
  8. 13-Yobe
  9. 13-Plateau
  10. 11-FCT
  11. 8-Gombe
  12. 5-Ogun
  13. 4-Bauchi
  14. 4-Nasarawa
  15. 3-Delta
  16. 2-Ondo
  17. 1-Rivers
  18. 1-Adamawa

informationnaija learnt that, only two states out of the 36 states in Nigeria remain to record any cases of the global pandemic, Coronavirus [COVID-19], the states are Kogi state and Cross Rivers state.

Disclosing this across their official handles, NCDC reports reads below;

339 new cases of ‪#COVID19; 139-Lagos, 28 in Kano, 28 in Oyo, 25 in Edo, 22 in Katsina, 18 in Kaduna, 14 in Jigawa, 13 in Yobe, 13 in Plateau, 11 in FCT, 8 in Gombe, 5 in Ogun, 4 in Bauchi, 4 in Nasarawa, 3 in Delta, 2 in Ondo, 1 in Rivers and 1 in Adamawa. 7016 cases of ‪#COVID19 in Nigeria, discharged: 1907, deaths: 211.


See the Tweet as Nigeria Confirms 339 new cases;

Recall, informationnaija reported that Nigeria as at Wednesday, 20th-may-2020 discovered 284 new infections in the country which brings the case to 6677, with 1840 discharged and 200 death.


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